CT Limo

Chauffeurs Wanted !!!

Independent Operators Wanted.

Must Have 07 Town Car, Cadillac, Mercedes, SUV or newer with Plates and Insurance.,

Servicing Connecticut and NYC Corporate Accounts.

Get Paid Quickly !!!!

No fees, No Favoritism, 65 / 35 + Full Gratuity All Tolls Reimbursed and Parking

Must Have or be willing to use Nextel "two-way"

 Other than Plates No Conflict of interest a.k.a. "YOUR  OWN COMPANY" or your friend.

Join the Professional team of Bond !!!
Call 800.617.6427 or email HumanResource@bondlimousine.com


Associations National Limousine Association Rotary Travel Fairfield Chamber of Commerce BBB Online
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